Our Story

In 2017 two programmers started working on the Dropbox replacement, as it was slow, overpriced and annoyed customers.

The same year LightUponCloud was founded, using the notion that people don't want to overpay for such "pig in a poke" as Dropbox.

We knew when we started that we were up against all the big corporations in the data storage area.

Our strategy from the start has been on changing perceptions about "cloud" and teaching about its risks in a creative way with natural voice.

Then we have built a technologically perfect storage system, that is simple, reliable and fast.

Why "Light" ?

As opposed to darkness, associated with ignorance, the metaphor of light has a special place in the intellectual history of humanity.

One example of ignorance is usage of "cloud" services, as providers often hide how their systems work, their real intentions, their vision for the future - and your place in that future.


Our goal is to help companies to switch to efficient and ethical open-source solutions. Which might not cover every case, but which will give you a choice: "cloud" or comprehensible and sustainable system.