We carefully researched all existing storage systems and we selected Riak CS, for its fault tolerance, scalability and unbeatable speed.

Riak CS features

  • Fastest and most resilient storage system on the market.
  • High read performance
  • Write performance is not impacted by reads
  • Data resilience
  • Horizontal scalability to make sure we can handle any traffic
  • 99.99% predictable on resource comsumption.
  • S3 compatible
  • Open-source with active commpunity
  • Scales automatically when you add nodes to cluster
  • Replication within cluster
  • Multi-datacenter bidirectional replication

The speed of file download also depends on physical distance between the file storage and your device.

In order to download huge files 10 times faster, you have to close it closer to where you are.

The reason for this is in physical limitation on the speed of light propagation in fiber optic channels.


Why Speed Matters

What applications of highly responsive systems do we know.

< 1 ms
  • Remote control / telepresence with real-time, synchronous haptic feedback
  • Industrial moving robots
  • Industrial closed loop control systems (e.g. 1ms cycles of polling data from sensors + actuators)
  • Negotiated automatic cooperative-driving manoeuvres
  • Smart grid synchronous cophasing of power suppliers
< 10 ms
  • Shared Haptic Virtual Environments: several users perform tasks that require fine-motor skills
  • Tele-medical applications ( e.g. tele-diagnostics, tele-rehabilitations )
  • Augmented reality
  • Education: Haptic overlay trainer / learner for fine motor skills ( e.g. for medical )
  • Smart grid ( 3ms )
  • Process automation ( 5ms )
< 50 ms
  • Serious gaming (20ms)
  • Cognitive assistance ( 20-40ms )
  • Virtual reality
  • Cooperative driving ( 20ms )
  • UAV control ( 10-50ms )
  • Remote robot control with haptic feedback ( 25ms )
< 100ms
  • Vehicle safety apps ( mutual awareness of vehicles for warning / alerting )
  • Assisted driving ( cars make cooperative decisions, but driver stays in control )

Tell us how you could use a highly responsive storage.
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